What is a Skeeta Hawk???

“Skeeta Hawk” is a shortened New Orleans “yat” version of “Skeeter Hawk” or “Mosquito Hawk” which can be heard in different parts of the South. As the name implies, dragonflies eat a whole lotta mosquitos!

We chose Skeeta Hawk as the name of our brewery because it helps highlight an often-overlooked aspect of New Orleans culture, namely it’s unique accent. Our accent is similar to what you often hear in New York City (i.e. drop the r) and is very different than the genteel southern accent incorrectly ascribed to people from New Orleans on popular media. Likewise, we feel that Skeeta Hawks are great representatives of our swampy, water-laden environment and are just plain cool. Did we mention that they eat a lot of mosquitos?!?

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