Our Beers

We love our beer and hope you will too!  Our unique, high-quality ingredients are sourced almost exclusively from independent farms, and malt houses.  In some cases, our beers are brewed with malt and/or hops grown on a single farm to give you a better sense of place.

Likewise, we put a lot a thought into our processes and equipment.  Our two specially designed lagering tanks allow us to present a variety of European style lagers in addition to a rotating set of unique ales.  We love brewing brown ales and of course we have a soft spot for IPAs!

Want to dive deeper into what makes a beer unique?  We split batch many of our beers on the “cold side.”  This means that we brew a single batch of beer then vary one or more elements during fermentation and conditioning.  By comparing these beers in our tasting flights  you can begin to understand some of the unique contributions different ingredients or processes lend to our beers.