Our Beers

We love our beer and hope you will too!  Our unique, high-quality ingredients are sourced almost exclusively from independent farms, and malt houses.  In some cases, our beers are brewed with malt and/or hops grown on a single farm to give you a better sense of place.

Likewise, we put a lot a thought into our processes and equipment.  Our two specially designed lagering tanks allow us to present a variety of European style lagers in addition to a rotating set of unique ales.  Since opening we’ve been looking for the intersection of what our customers enjoy, and what we are most passionate about brewing.  While we will continue to brew a wide variety of beers to push our collective pallets forward we are going to start focusing more on on three specific categories of beer: Belgians, IPAs (lean to West Coast) and European Lagers (lean to Czech). 

Moving forward you can expect to see our Belgian Single (28-3), Belgian Golden Strong (Nothing for the Devil to Do), and our dark Czech lager (Masopust) on tap regularly as “core beers.”  We are going to keep playing around with our IPAs a bit (they are fun to tinker with!) but you can expect one or two regulars to emerge soon….